Thursday, March 21, 2013


New Release this week for Blitzkrieg Laboratories is the Gebirgsjäger Sniper Teams pack, consisting of four new sculpts by Mike Owen giving our growing Gebirgsjäger line two sniper teams.  Two figures have scoped Kar-98k rifles.  One standing in his M1925 Windjacket assisted by a spotter in a M1938 Anorak.  The crouching sniper is in tunic while his spotter in tunic is carrying an MP38 for close support if needed.
You should see these at the webstore this weekend!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gebirgsjäger Riflemen in Anoraks

Available now from Gorgon Studios are four new figures sculpted by Mike Owen for Blitzkrieg Laboratories' Gebirgsjäger line, all wearing the M1938 Reversible Three-Pocket Anorak, and equipped with Kar-98k rifles. The anorak had white on one side for snow camouflage, often fieldgray or mousegray on the reverse side for use in non-snow conditions.  As you can see from the painted figures above, by Blitzkrieg Labs painting master David Stoddard, these are very versatile figures which can be done in fieldgray mountain trouser, stonegray mountain trouser or as full on snow gear.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa has a Brand New Bag-

Sneak Peak at Gebirgsjäger with Extra Gear pack

Well, they might not be Santa, but we will be releasing these Edelweiss wearing Gebirgsjäger with extra gear, including some nice rucksacks, in January!
Have a great Holiday everyone!
Hope you get lots of gaming in!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Emergency- another sneak peak

Snow Emergency!
A Snow Emergency has been declared at home here in Wisconsin.  To celebrate all the kids staying home from school and various work places being closed, we thought a sneak peak at another member of the upcoming Gebirgsjäger in Anorak set, this one painted in full snow gear, would be a perfect fit!
Well he still has the standard mountain cap on, the snow covers the troops were equipped with never seemed to be very popular by our sources (though if one wanted to make this look like a snow cover I would think it wouldn't take much filing).

Enjoy the season, enjoy the snow if you have it!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sneak Peak- Gebirgsjäger in Anorak

Sneak Peak of Gebirgsjäger in Anorak

Thought we would take the time to show a peak of the upcoming releases for January.
This Gebirgsjäger Rifleman is from the Anorak pack, shown here in the early war stone gray mountain trousers with the white side of the reversible anorak issued to German Mountain Troops showing.

We are looking for these to be available for shipping on January 15th.